AST offers a full range of business and project development services relating to XTL and synfuels business ventures.    These can take the form of short term assignments, projects or longer professional service retainers.  We can also deliver and operate a full turnkey capital projects based on the small scale XTL concept.

We can work together with your team or as an independent supplier.

Specific focus areas include: 

  • Business case development.
  • Integration of new plant into existing infrastructure.
  • Feedstock sourcing/analysis and development services in case of new mines or gas fields (geology etc).
  • Selection of the correct syngas production technology and integration of licensor technologies.
  • Market analysis and sales strategy.
  • Optimisation of co-product production ( e.g. power, sulphur, ammonia, urea, explosives).
  • Interaction with key role players and stakeholder management.
  • Environmental and social impact studies.
  • Project development services for overall venture (outside scope of IBL plant) if required.


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