Who we are

Advanced Synfuels Technologies are an independent technology development and licensing company specialising in small scale, affordable production of synthetic fuels from natural gas, tars, petcock, coal or biomass.

We work to unlock value from stranded or low value energy resources for our clients who need a reliable clean source of diesel and electricity

We develop small scale, modular and integrated XTL facilities that can either be licensed to third parties or owned and operated by us on your facility.   The optimised modular plants produce from 10,000-15,000 barrels per day synthetic diesel.

We are the only company supplying a total package solution optimised for small scale production of diesel.

By adopting a modular, standardized approach we can achieve economies of scale that are equivalent to, or better than much larger integrated facilities.

We are independent and select the best technologies from multiple vendors in line with our optimisation process.   We also can develop and deliver an optimised project at minimum risk to the owner.    Our resulting design is made available to the owners/project developer who may contract with an engineering contractor to do the detailed design and construction of the facility.

By using a standardised modular train concept, multiple trains can be cost effectively added over time as renevue is generated from the operation.   This approach significantly reduces the initial financing risk.

Our history

Advanced Synfuels Technologies is an independent company formed in 2017 jointly owned by Owner Team Consultation and Hugh Brown & Associates. The company was formed to develop and operate small scale cost-effective XTL facilities.

The combined group brings extensive experience as developers of industrial scale projects and as an owner operator of CTL facilities.  The team has over 300 years of combined experience in all facets of an XTL venture including the development, design, build, operation and maintenance of industrial scale business.

Our Mission

We will develop the cleanest, most cost effectivesynthetic fuel refinery product offering in the world

Key Contacts

Charl Buys

Hugh Brown

Freek van Heerden


About OTC

OwnerTeamConsultation (OTC) is a team of experienced consultants with complementary competencies specializing in the development of industrial scale mega-projects.  We work with established owners and project developers  to:

  • confirm that the business objectives can be achieved
  • understand and balance the owner needs
  • identify risk areas and opportunities and propose mitigating plans
  • add most value when we work from a position of trust,  as part of the owner team, during the early stages of project development.

OTC consultants comprise a group of business managers, functional specialists, senior engineers, project managers and experienced general managers.  Each prior to joining OTC were employed in executive, senior and specialist positions at major companies, leaving them with an extraordinary depth of business, project and technical acumen.

For more information visit the OTC website

About HB&A

HB&A are a boutique project development company specializing in project design, development and implementation. In the 90’s, HB&A undertook project development assessments with the assistance of expert teams from all over the world, introduced by Tuppeny Associates USA utilizing computer software to define new technology and project development risk.

For more information visit the HB&A website


Developing the cleanest, most cost effective small-scale synfuels refinery in the world

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